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 La Cucina Kasher in Italia - Emilia Romagna

La Cucina Kasher in Italia is the ultimate combination of a kosher cooking program in shopping, sightseeing and experiencing the true feeling of being a guest in Italy, not a tourist. You will meet with leaders of the Jewish communities of the regions. Both the novice and experienced cook will feel comfortable in an informal, fun environment. A non-cooking spouse or friend may accompany you, and will participate in all activities and meals.


There are five days of cooking, hands-on, three hours each, specializing in the foods of the gastronomic capital of Emilia Romagna and regional cooking. Classes are in English and printed recipes are provided. Emphasis will be on preparation, presentation and the historical aspects of cooking. Following each class, you will partake of the meal that has been prepared, accompanied by the appropriate wines. A visit to the open air markets will allow you to learn about and select ingredients to be used in class. At the completion of the program, you will be presented with a certificate.


The program is under regional Kosher supervision. While away from the locanda, we will enjoy meals prepared for us by the locanda staff.



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