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l'Amore di Cucina Italiana - Toscana

Dear Ralph,

Just a note to thank you again for our lovely trip to Italy. You were so considerate of all of us and took us to so many wonderful places - it was just perfect! Your company was sorely missed as we went on to Venice and stumbled around trying to locate decent restaurants (we failed) and places to visit (too much shopping!). We needed your focus and knowledge. Thank you again Ralph!


Dear Ralph:

I wanted to write and thank you for making my trip to Italy so enjoyable. I felt you did a terrific job of organizing our days betwen cooking and sightseeing.

I think Gabriella and Christina are excellent instructors - and they are friendly and gracious as well. I'd love to get more details on the advanced class for next September as well as more information on the school in Provence.

I did find that almost all the specialty items - even the chestnut flour - are available through King Arthur Flour - The Bakers Catalogue. Their number is 800 827-6836. For future reference William Sonoma has food mills for about $25.00.

Please send me some brochures when you get an opportunity. Thanks again for putting together such a great trip. I do hope to see you next fall either in Italy or France.

Jo Ellen T
University City, MO

Dear Ralph,

I've landed back on Earth after a week in heaven, but before the euphoria evaporates completely I want to thank you for one of the happiest weeks of my life. You are a kind, thoughtful, patient man and the trip you organized is a reflection of the care and concern you put into it. Once again, THANK YOU. L'année prochaine en Provence!

Englewood, New Jersey

Thank you so much for the pictures!! I had a wonderful time and learned so much. Everyone was great - Gabriella and Christina are truly "jewels of the kitchen". It didn't take long to settle back in the usual routine with home and work...oh how I long to be at the Locanda!!

Please enjoy the few pictures I am enclosing. Hope the rest of 1998 is good to you! Look forward to planning my next cooking adventure in Provence!! All my best to you and your family. Thank you for a wonderful experience!





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